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Haddonfield NJ water damage restoration

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Haddonfield NJ water damage restoration

When water problems arise you must act quickly to remove wet items, dry out and treat all affected areas. We will remove all wet items, cut out affected drywall, paneling, etc. remove carpeting, and completely dry out entire affected areas, including using a Hepa Dehumidifier to remove all contaminants from the air. Once completed we will treat all areas with an anti-microbial agent to ensure mold will not persist. We will completely clean and treat all furniture that came in contact with water. Should you have level 3 water (sewerage) we will properly dispose and treat all areas.

Haddonfield NJ water damage restoration

Haddonfield NJ

When water damage is not handled quickly and properly issues concerning mold can develop and put your family and/or business at risk. Mold problems left to develop can cause serious illness to people exposed for long periods of time. Even short exposure affects some people with high sensitivity to mold. At first site of standing water or water leaks you should take decisive action to alleviate the source of the problem, a pipe leak, seepage through basement walls, overflow from tubs or faucets, roof openings, etc. Once the source of the problem has been stopped then water damage restoration or dry out of the area is necessary. We provide complete services for these problems. If you do not have a contractor that can stop the source of the problem we can make recommendations of reputable contractors that work with us. Call us and we will determine the source of the problem, provide guidance on how to stop the problem, conduct a complete and thorough dry out of the area, treating all areas with an anti fungal spray to ensure that mold does not develop. Our prices are very reasonable and if you are covered by insurance we will directly bill to the insurance company, with no out of pocket cost to you.

Water Damage NJ


Water damage comes in many forms. You may have a leaky pipe, broken pipe, broken water heater, backup of a sump pump, overflow from a bath or sink, and sometimes an overt flood from a nearby waterway or horrific storm. Water damage restoration services are critical to immediately employ in order to protect your home or business from devastating ongoing problems. If not taken care of immediately, water damage can lead to worse consequences in the form of mold, warping of wood finishes, discoloration of furniture, mildew problems and the list goes on and on.


A broken pipe in the upper level of your home or business can cascade water through the property causing major damage in very short time. A water damage restoration company is necessary to handle the problem quickly and efficiently to minimize the affect water has on your property. We at Remediation Pros are expert at handling emergency water damage restoration services. Our services are prompt and professional.


What happens typically when a water heater bursts’. A large amount of water is deposited through your home in minutes. A water damage company is critical to handle your emergency water damage restoration services and to ensure that water is removed before it can cause major harm to your home, business and personal belongings. The sooner it is dried out the better the chances are to save your property from complete loss.

Flood Restoration NJ


Then there is the major problem of flood caused by a major storm, overflow from a nearby waterway, or a broken main water line. The promptness of completing flood restoration may be the difference of losing your home and its belongings or saving your property and precious belongings. When flood damage cleanup takes place shortly after experiencing a flood your chances of recovering from the flood damage increases dramatically. A water restoration company will first employ emergency water removal techniques to ensure that the water will not be absorbed into the walls reducing the amount of damage to drywall and belongings above the water line. Water damage restoration begins by keeping the water level as low as possible. The actual flood damage repair begins by minimizing the effects the water has on the property. The least amount of time the water lays in a given area the greater the chances are to have a successful flood damage cleanup.  Once the water is controlled and then eliminated flood damage repair can take place. That repair begins by removing everything exposed to the water. That means that water damage companies will cut out drywall, remove carpeting, cut out wood flooring if necessary and anything else exposed to the water. Any and all areas that were touched by water will either be removed or dried out completely. Fans, dehumidifiers, HEPA filters, etc. will be employed extensively to ensure that your flood repair service will be able to properly restore your property to its full use. Flood damage repair can only be successful if you properly dry out your property and personal belongings’ in the first place.

Water Damage Restoration NJ


Remediation Pros emergency water damage NJ services can restore your property to its pre loss condition quickly and with minimal loss of property and its use.  Call us quickly as soon as you experience a problem and our 24 hour, 7 day a week service will respond promptly and efficiently to ensure that your water damage cleanup NJ is done correctly. Whether you are looking for emergency water removal, emergency water damage restoration services, water damage cleanup NJ, flood damage cleanup, flood repair services, flood damage repair, flood restoration, etc. we at Remediation Pros will handle all aspects of the services you need. We are a certified water damage restoration company providing the very best water damage restoration services. . We are also certified to conduct mold testing and mold remediation services.  We do it all. One call to Remediation Pros will ensure that your problem will be handled quickly and professionally.


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Haddonfield NJ water damage restoration

Our team will provide a free evaluation and consultation to you whenever you experience a problem with water, fire, smoke or mold. We will provide you with an honest appraisal of the nature of the problem and what must be done to address it properly. We will provide you with a detailed estimate and timeframe in which the work will be completed. Please do not hesitate to ask for our expert analysis. We are happy to provide you with our quick, courteous and reliable services.

Haddonfield NJ water damage restoration
Contractors Services
Voorhees NJ contractors

We will refer to you free of charge any contractor services you require to get your home back in order. Through our extensive network of contractors our referrals result in the lowest prices for services required. Our contractors will work within the confines of the money allowed by insurance companies to restore your damaged property. Our experience shows that insurance companies don't always allow enough to properly restore damaged property. We wil make sure your job gets done professionally and efficiently.

Voorhees NJ water damage restoration

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