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Water dry out Egg Harbor City NJ

Remediation Pros, LLC

water dryout Egg Harbor City NJ

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We work with your insurance company with expert insurance advisors.

Water dry out Egg Harbor City NJ

When water problems arise you must act quickly to remove wet items, dry out and treat all affected areas. We will remove all wet items, cut out affected drywall, paneling, etc. remove carpeting, and completely dry out entire affected areas, including using a Hepa Dehumidifier to remove all contaminants from the air. Once completed we will treat all areas with an anti-microbial agent to ensure mold will not persist. We will completely clean and treat all furniture that came in contact with water. Should you have level 3 water (sewerage) we will properly dispose and treat all areas.

mold remediation Egg Harbor City NJ

Mold remediation Egg Harbor City NJ

Mold can often be seen with the naked eye but many times it could be present without your knowledge. We will test and treat all affected areas of the home ensuring contaminants are no longer present. We use various anti-microbial agents to clean all mold areas and once destroyed we will retreat entire are by respraying. When necessary we will retest to ensure treated areas are free and clear of mold. Proper protection is used by all employees and disposed of contaminents is done in accordance with OSHA requirements.

fire remediation Egg Harbor City NJ

Fire remediation Egg Harbor City NJ

When fire occurs we will provide quick board up services to protect your home or business. We will also provide fire remediation services to all areas of the home affected by the fire. That includes removal of all damaged building areas, including drywall, paneling, wood, framing, furniture, personal property, etc. We will treat all areas affected by smoke according to OSHA standards to protect the home from further erosion. We will work directly with your insurance company to aid you in preparing your claim.

smoke damage Egg Harbor City NJ

Smoke damage Egg Harbor City NJ

Smoke damage can occur from direct fire loss, indirect fire loss as a result of a neighbors fire or a puff back often occuring when you turn on the oil heat for the first time. All areas affected by smoke and soot must be treated immediately to ensure contaminants do not spread throughout the home or business. Generally speaking once smoke enters a home it affects all areas of the home and requires a detailed plan to remediate the ensueing problems. We will provide a detailed plan and execution schedule prior to starting.

Egg Harbor City NJ water remediation

Our team will provide a free evaluation and consultation to you whenever you experience a problem with water, fire, smoke or mold. We will provide you with an honest appraisal of the nature of the problem and what must be done to address it properly. We will provide you with a detailed estimate and timeframe in which the work will be completed. Please do not hesitate to ask for our expert analysis. We are happy to provide you with our quick, courteous and reliable services.

Contractors Services
Egg Harbor City NJ contractor services

Egg Harbor City NJ contractor services

We will refer to you free of charge any contractor services you require to get your home back in order. Through our extensive network of contractors our referrals result in the lowest prices for services required. Our contractors will work within the confines of the money allowed by insurance companies to restore your damaged property. Our experience shows that insurance companies don't always allow enough to properly restore damaged property. We wil make sure your job gets done professionally and efficiently.

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